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Training isn’t Always a Straight Line

Sometimes life takes a turn and you find yourself someplace unexpected.

When COVID first started, I chose to do a strict quarantine- especially when I found out I was pregnant. Weird virus nobody knows much about? No thank. I’ve seen enough zombie movies to know where that’s going. Then I found out it was a high risk pregnancy. No training, no classes, only gentle and low impact workouts. This was a far cry from my previous pregnancy, which I had trained throughout until the day before I gave birth.

But when life throws you lemons… A badass will smash those lemons into whatever the hell she / he wants. I had always had an interest in archery, so it seemed only natural to focus on that while there was a plague going on and I was pregnant.

I love archery! It combines the focus and discipline of the martial arts with a traditional yet modern weapon. Each day I would train my eye and body, and each day I got a little better. At first I was happy to just hit the target. Then I was happy when I hit the largest circle on the target bag. Soon hitting the bullseye became easy. Then I was able to choose exactly where the arrow landed. Then we got a smaller, more precise target and the fun started all over.

A major part of being a badass is to not give up. I managed to find someway to train under some pretty tough circumstances. You can too.


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