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Dojo Leigh

My thoughts, musings, and tips for being a badass.

My husband Brennan and I established Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts in 2014. The martial arts have changed my life in so many ways, and I want to share that with as many people as I can.

Latest Posts

Keeping it Together in Class When Things Get Intense

It isn’t easy keeping your composure in class. So many aspects of martial arts training are stressful. You’re physically exerting yourself, you’re fighting another human being, you’re being yelled at by your coach, not to mention all the things on your mind before class. Like those gormless coworkers, the exam or work meeting you still…

Recovering From a Major Screw Up

We’ve all made mistakes, but I’m not talking about a slight “oops” here. I’m talking about something major. A big and monumental screw up. The kind of thing that results in a lost job, lost friendships, divorce, financial ruin, or legal problems. The kind of mistake where you wake up in the morning full of…

Do You Have What it Takes?

“You don’t have what it takes to run a dojo!” That’s what my instructor said to me when I informed him that I was going to open up my own martial arts school. In classic Kung Fu movie fashion, he didn’t take it very well. But hell, I gave it a go anyways. Do we…

Training isn’t Always a Straight Line

Sometimes life takes a turn and you find yourself someplace unexpected. When COVID first started, I chose to do a strict quarantine- especially when I found out I was pregnant. Weird virus nobody knows much about? No thank. I’ve seen enough zombie movies to know where that’s going. Then I found out it was a…

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